mentioning big brown eyes in a poem has become a cliche

much like identifying a cliche in hopes of absolution

but some brown eyes demand to be mentioned

and I’m going to steer clear of steering clear of cliches

because if they capture what I need to say,

why should I?

the effect those brown eyes have on


demands to be captured.

another cliche: eyes are windows to the soul 

that one I won’t use

because he doesn’t need a window.

his soul can’t be contained to a window

it seeps out of his skin like a hormone

it fills his voice

it rubs off on everything he touches.

some people are just made up of their own damn atoms

others compose selves of brands, groups, tribes

identity through association

but he’s pure soul.

if you’re lucky enough to get close

he lets you have some

and you take it and wrap it around yourself and feel like a kid in a blanket

or maybe you sip it for a little like a mug of hot chocolate

(the thick kind. not the powder that makes a joke out of chocolate. the real stuff)

and you’re restored.


he doesn’t demand anything

but there’s something in him that demands to be written about.


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